Helping disadvantaged students succeed in school

Despite political reforms and massive public investment in education, high numbers of young people are entering adulthood without an education or a job in many countries.

The consequences are huge for the individual person. Vulnerable youth are particularly challenged and despite several attempts, many give up. In Denmark alone, 7 percent of young people are without jobs and education for over two consecutive years, which costs 15 billion DKK per year.

Raido's vision is that all young people are able to build a better life for themselves through education and inclusive communities

As a non-profit, Raido works with educational institutions to reduce dropout rates by designing, testing, and scaling effective interventions. Raido is supported by a number of actors and experts from the public, private and civil sector, incl. researchers and leaders from Harvard, McKinsey & Co, AKQA, ReD Associates, Nike Social Innovation Fund, etc.

Our approach consists of two main activities focusing on secondary educational institutions with high dropout rates. 

First, we design and test new local interventions for reduced dropout rates in close partnerships with students, teachers, and other staff at the school.

Second, we bring together educational leaders and counselors in Raido's Leadership Network - a Danish development forum that meets bi-annually to share knowledge and explore new ideas and collaborations.

"Raido's anthropological and data-driven approach has given us new perspectives on our students' drop-outs. Their strength lies in being equal development partners who are in fact tuning knowledge into action."

Jacob Bro, Head of Education, SOSU H  


AKQA is a leading digital agency that uses digital strategy, creativity, and technology to create valuable brand experiences, customer journeys and ideas for customers worldwide. AKQA Denmark has helped shape Raido's communication and visual appearance as a multi-year pro bono partner since the very beginning in 2019. 

"Structural inequality is one of the biggest problems facing the world today. In order to fight for social mobility and equal opportunity for all, AKQA Denmark supports Raido - a Danish organisation empowering people at risk to start and finish an education."

Steffen Otkjær, Managing Director, AKQA Denmark


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