Partnerships for student success

Raido’s Leadership Network is a development forum for educational leaders and councilors. The purpose is to actively explore new ways to reduce student drop-outs across secondary educational institutions, including adult educational centers in Denmark.

On September 15th, the first 40 members are gathering at VUC Klar in Denmark. The meeting will include Danish and international experts giving inspiring presentations on education, disadvantaged youths and technology, as well as a workshop with our partner school SOSU H on our joint dropout initiatives:

  • Vanessa Wilkins, Founder of Future School Lab and former CEO at Nike School Innovation Fund
  • Jacob Bro, Head of Education, SOSU H
  • Mikkel Frich, former director of EdTech Denmark
  • Anne Görlich, Researcher, CeFU - Danish Center for Youth Research

If interested in learning more about the network or how to participate, please drop us an email at hello@raido.org.